Having Your Own Water Well Solves These 3 Problems

residential water well system can solve a lot of water-related problems.

Private wells aren’t just for rural properties. These days, more and more city dwellers throughout Utah and Wyoming are having wells drilled, as an alternative to relying on the municipal supply.

Your Own Water Well

Drilling a new well comes with several major benefits. Here are three problems you won’t have to worry about if you have your own well system.

No. 1: No More Outrageous Water Bills

Consider this:  According to a recent study, the average price of water in the U.S. has risen 48 percent just since 2010. Severe drought across much of the country, combined with increasing costs of treating, pumping and infrastructure improvements, are primarily to blame.

Researchers predict that the price of residential water service will continue to grow sharply in the near future. Industry experts expect the average monthly bill to go up by a whopping $49 over the next five years. In some locations, water bills could triple in that span of time.

Drill a new well, and the rising prices will no longer be a concern. You won’t have to pay a monthly bill, regardless of how much your family uses.

No. 2: No More Pressure Problems

Have you ever noticed the pressure weakening when running your outdoor hose or sprinkler in the summer? Or the shower flow slowing to a trickle when someone flushes a toilet? Homeowners with city water often experience these frustrating issues.

With a private well, however, you can have consistent, reliable pressure all the time – no more interruptions. An experienced water well contractor can install a pump system that works to eliminate pressure fluctuations.

No. 3: No More Bad-Tasting Water

Do you drink your tap water? Many people don’t and that’s no surprise, given that the municipal supply often contains metals, minerals and chemicals that negatively affect the taste. The EPA has regulations in place to make sure that the levels aren’t high enough to be harmful, but they don’t regulate taste or palatability.

When you drill a home water well, you’ll definitely taste the difference. With a clean, filtered and fresh supply of water, you’ll be able to give up buying those expensive bottles because the flow from your tap will taste far better.

Of course, nothing is perfect. But, if you do experience an odor or change in taste, your water well contractor is on call for prompt service. With city water, getting your problem fixed may not be a big priority.

Are you ready to take the next step and learn more about drilling a new well? The expert team at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC offers free professional consultations to homeowners throughout Wyoming and Utah. To discuss a new residential water well installation, contact us today.