How Long Does Water Well Installation Take?

Water well installation can’t be completed in a single day – that’s simply not possible, even with an experienced drilling contractor like Mike Zimmerman Well Service.

So, how long does installation take? A number of steps must be completed before any new well becomes fully functional. But you might be surprised to learn just how quickly a new water well can be up and running.


Initial Water Well Consultation

When you contact a drilling contractor about installing a new well, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation.

The well driller will come out and examine your property to determine the best spot for placement of the new well. At the same time, you’ll discuss your preferences and your specific water needs.

After the consultation, your professional contractor will get the necessary permits for drilling on your property. Permitting can take anywhere from a day to over a week.

Water Well Installation Day

On installation day, your well contractor will drill straight down into the earth to reach the groundwater. Then, a long steel casing will be inserted and the well pump will be installed. Additional cement and a well cap are added last, to ensure that the well is tightly sealed.

Many people are surprised at just how quickly all of this is accomplished. In most cases, this work is completed in just one or two days.

Water Testing and Purification

The well drilling process provides access to the water supply, but it doesn’t ensure that the water is safe to drink.

Testing must be done in order to make sure that the well is free of contaminants. Then, many wells – such as those with hard water issues and those placed in iron-rich soil –also need purification. Water testing and purification are both completed by your professional drilling contractor, and you can expect the jobs to be finished in a day or two.

The Big Picture

Everything considered, well installation usually takes only about one or two weeks – which is much faster than most people expect.

Of course, getting a water well up and running can take longer. Cutting through the red tape and securing permits sometimes presents a challenge. And, with some wells, construction, testing and purification can eat up more time.

Are you ready to install a new well? The licensed professional contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Service have over 30 years of experience in drilling and maintaining private wells throughout Utah and Wyoming. Contact our Salt Lake City office to schedule a complimentary water well installation consultation today.