Water Well Caps: Everything You Need to Know

Water well caps are among the smallest parts of a private well system, but their size doesn’t reflect the importance of these devices. Having a properly installed cap is critical for keeping potential pollutants out of the well water supply.

Water Well Caps

What is a Water Well Cap?

Private wells are mostly underground, of course, but each has a casing, or a small steel or plastic pipe that sticks up out of the ground. A cap is used to cover the top of the well casing.

Well caps provide a water-tight seal to prevent contamination. Most caps include a vented screen for pressure equalization when water is being pumped.

Which Contaminants Do Well Caps Protect Against?

When properly installed and sealed, a well cap can help safeguard the water supply from all types of potential surface and bacterial contaminants, including runoff from pesticides, herbicides, street pollutants and animal waste.

Caps also keep the insects out. without a cover, earwigs and other bugs can get inside the well and cause the bacteria levels to rise.

Does Having a Well Cap Mean Your Water is Safe?

A well cap is the first line of defense against pollutants, but installing one may not completely prevent contamination. If the aquifer that supplies the well is somehow contaminated, the water quality will suffer.

The only way to ensure that your water is safe is to have your well tested by a professional contractor at least once per year.

Do You Have to Maintain Your Well Cap?

Well caps don’t need much attention. A period visual check is enough to make sure the cover is in good shape.

When you check yours, look for cracks and make sure the seal is tight and secure. Keep an eye out for evidence of tampering, too. If you notice a problem, have a professional contractor repair the cap and test the well water as soon as possible.

Can Water Well Caps Be Covered?

Don’t like the look of the exposed well casing and cap? You’re not alone – many homeowners find these components to be a bit of an eyesore.

Fortunately, you can camouflage the well with a plastic cover designed to look like a landscaping boulder. Mock rocks are lightweight and durable, and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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