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Professional Water Well Abandonment Service

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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Professional Water Well Abandonment Service

When it comes to well abandonment, regulations in Utah and Wyoming mandate that only licensed professionals handle the process. At Mike Zimmerman Well Service, we adhere strictly to these regulations, ensuring the safe and compliant abandonment of your well. Trust our licensed experts for reliable and responsible well abandonment services.

Proper water well abandonment requires expert knowledge in how to fill and seal wells according to state law. Using inappropriate methods or materials can result in groundwater contamination, which poses serious health risks. And since leaving an unused well unplugged isn’t safe either, you’ll need an experienced professional contractor.

The Z-Team has been providing well abandonment service throughout Utah and Wyoming for more than 30 years. Turn your project over to us, and you can expect top-notch workmanship and exceptional customer care at a competitive price.
water well abandonment steps

Reasons to Schedule Water Well Abandonment Service

Why worry about water wells that are no longer in use? Several reasons, actually. Scheduling professional well abandonment service is a necessary step to take because:

  • The open hole in the ground is a hazard, and a loved one, passerby or pet could fall in and get seriously hurt
  • Someone could use the hole to dispose of waste or sewage, which has the potential to cause real harm
  • An unused well allows surface contaminants to easily travel into underground aquifers, threatening the local water supply
  • An abandoned well that isn’t properly plugged can create a liability problem if is proven to be the cause of groundwater contamination

Without expert care during water well abandonment, the system could collapse and cause unintentional contamination. And if the work isn’t done properly, correcting the situation can be next to impossible. For that reason, calling a reputable licensed professional water well contractor with extensive experience completing abandonment projects — like the Z-Team — is a smart move.

How Professional Water Well Abandonment Works

Essentially, properly abandoning a well involves filling the hole and sealing it off using the state-mandated techniques and materials.

When you have the Z-Team decommission your private well, we’ll handle the project from start to finish. Our process includes:

  • Removal of the pump, pipes and other obstructions
  • Disinfection of the interior, using a chlorine solution
  • Filling the entire length with the proper grout material
  • Capping off the well with a surface or grout seal

We also complete the required paperwork and, if necessary, contact the local utility service providers to locate underground equipment prior to beginning the work. We’ve helped many Utah and Wyoming residents during our decades in business, and we always follow the best practices to ensure every project is completed safely and with the proper care.

Trust the Z-Team for Professional Well Services

A family-owned company, Mike Zimmerman Well Service was built on the foundations of honesty and integrity. We believe in the importance of providing quality workmanship for an affordable price, and we take good care of our customers. We aim to be the only professional contractor residents of Utah and Wyoming call for well services, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the work we do.

For more information on our professional water well abandonment service, or to schedule a consultation with the Z-Team, contact us today.