Water Wells

What exactly do we do at Mike Zimmerman Well Service? “Well…”

Water wells are basically an underground structure created one of four ways: Drilling, digging, driving or boring. Drilling is by far the fastest way to create a well, and it also provides the highest quality end result. The drilled well taps into groundwater located in aquifers—it’s then drawn up via a pump. Back in the day, containers like buckets were used to manually raise the water from the well. Luckily, those days are long gone.

Wells come in all types of depths and water volumes. Typically, well water has more minerals than “surface water” and you may need to treat the water to soften it. Your go-to pros at Mike Zimmerman Well Service can help with water softening if you need it, too.

Drilling Basics

The most common type of drilling technique is rotary drilling, used in 90 percent of new wells. The biggest benefit of drilling is that water can be accessed from a much deeper level. You get water that is both better quality and quantity with this method. Combining drilled wells with electrical pumps is very popular, especially in rural areas and cabin sites.

Wells have been a dependable water source for generations, and the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” still applies at times. The cable tool is the oldest drilling machine and it’s still in use today by Mike Zimmerman Well Service. However, state of the art technology is also used to guarantee you the best possible water. This can include casing the wells with a steel or PVC pipe, for example.

Keeping It Clean

Cleanliness is a top concern for both well owners and the pros at Mike Zimmerman Well Service. A surface seal can stop surface contamination front entering the well. Screening products like a filter pack along with slotted casing in the well can help improve water flow.

Whether you have a drilled well that needs a little TLC or you’re considering a brand new well, drilling is the best way to go. You can really benefit three ways: Quality, speed and affordability.