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Water Well Tips: 5 Ways to Deal with Drought

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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At any given time, millions of water well owners throughout Utah and Wyoming may have to deal with drought conditions.

water well drought

Droughts are stressful for an area’s environment as well as its residents, as they can leave your family without water. Just knowing that your private well could run dry without warning is enough to cause concern.

Fortunately, professional well contractors have a number of solutions for dealing with drought.

No. 1: Make Sure Drought is the Problem

First of all, not every dry water well is the result of drought. A malfunctioning or worn-out well pump may be the culprit, or the problem may lie with an electrical switch at the pressure tank.

So, if your private well stops producing water, a thorough inspection of the entire system is a must. A professional well driller can find the source of the problem and recommend the proper course of action.

No. 2: Work on Water Conservation

If your area of Utah or Wyoming is under drought conditions, conservation measures can help ensure that your private water supply doesn’t run dry.

Installing water-saving devices will do much to help. You can also make changes in your daily household use. Taking shorter showers, flushing less often and washing only full loads of laundry and dishes can help make every precious drop count.

No. 3: Lower the Water Well Pump

Drought can cause the water level in your private well to permanently drop. If that happens, a professional contractor can often lower your pump, allowing you to access the water.

In many cases, however, lowering the well pump is a short-term fix. Also, this option may have a negative effect on your water quality.

No. 4: Add a Well Tank for Storage

To prepare for the possibility of future drought conditions, many homeowners in Utah and Wyoming choose to install a large capacity storage tank.

Adding a storage tank gives you peace of mind by providing a backup source of water, available for use when the well pump can’t draw any from your private well. Although conservation is still necessary during a drought, installing a tank is a good way to balance out the demands on your private well.

No. 5: Redevelop the Water Well

Well rehabilitation may be the answer to dealing with drought conditions.

Redeveloping your well through hydrofracturing, surging or high-pressure jetting can improve your water supply and make your private system more efficient. In some cases, redevelopment may require deepening the well to ensure a more drought-resistant supply.

To determine the best approach for your situation, contact a qualified professional well contractor in your area. The experts at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC have over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial well drilling and maintenance throughout Utah and Wyoming. Contact us to schedule a complimentary water well consultation today.