Water Well System Inspection: What’s Included?

A professional water well system inspection is essentially a maintenance checkup, designed to ensure that the components are in good working order and that the groundwater supply meets health and safety standards.

Water Well System Inspection: What’s Included?

The National Ground Water Association recommends that residential and commercial customers schedule a well inspection whenever the system is serviced or you detect a change in water taste, color, odor or output. In addition, because regular checkups can help prolong the operational expectancy of a water well, the NGWA advises scheduling inspections on an annual or biannual basis.

If you’re wondering what to expect when your professional well contractor comes to your home or business for a water well system inspection, these are the basic components of this service.

Visual Check of the Well System Components

Your professional well contractor will start by taking a close look at all the system components.

The technician will check the wellhead and the surrounding area to ensure that fuel, chemicals, animal pens and other potential contaminants are a safe distance away. The integrity of the sanitary well cap will also be assessed. As the first line of defense against bacterial and surface pollutants, the well cap must be in good condition and fit snugly on the casing.

During your water well inspection, the well contractor will also examine the pressure tank, filtration equipment, wiring and aboveground pumping components for damage, loose connections and inadequate seals.

Assessment of the Well System Operation

A water well inspection also involves checking the operation of the system components.

Your professional well contractor will test the well pump to ensure that it is operating efficiently and that its power consumption is in line with the well yield. If not, excessive drawdown can prematurely wear out the pump. The valves will also be closely inspected, and electrical testing will be completed. And, if your well system is equipped with a water meter, it will be checked for proper operation.

Well Water Testing

A professional well contractor will often complete well water testing as part of a system inspection.

Testing ensures that the groundwater supply is safe. The NGWA recommends that residential and commercial well owners should have their water tested at least once per year for nitrates, bacteria and any contaminants that are of local concern. Your well contractor will know which tests are necessary for your location. If any contamination is discovered, a treatment system or rehabilitation can usually resolve the problem.

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