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Your Well Water Changed Color? Here’s Why – And What to Do

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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If your well water changed color suddenly, you might have reason to be concerned, as that isn’t supposed to happen.

well water changed color

Color changes often occur due to unsafe water entering the plumbing or well system. So, if you notice a difference in your water’s appearance, don’t use it. Instead, contact a local well service company and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

But what could have caused your sudden color change?

Green or Blue Well Water

If the flow coming from your tap has a green or blue tinge, corrosion of the copper pipes in your plumbing system is the likely culprit. You may see evidence of corrosion on porcelain plumbing fixtures, as these metals tend to leave a bluish-green stain.

Dark Brown or Black Well Water

Excess manganese or pipe sediment could be the reason for dark brown or black water. In either case, the problem isn’t typically considered a health concern, and the color may clear up after a few minutes of running all the cold-water faucets and flushing all the toilets.

Brown, Red, Orange or Yellow Well Water

If your water looks rusty, chances are the problem is caused by iron rust in your plumbing or well system components. If your home or business has steel, galvanized iron or cast-iron pipes, you may end up with a brown, red, orange or yellow color. Though unappetizing, iron rust doesn’t typically pose a health concern.

Milky White Well Water

Tiny air bubbles are usually responsible for a milky white color, as trapped air can make the water look cloudy. If the bubbles clear up in a few minutes, the issue is probably not a health threat. In some cases, however, cloudiness can indicate a problem with the well system components.

What Should You Do if Your Water Changes Color?

Until a professional well contractor can identify the cause, don’t use water that has changed color suddenly.

A local well service company can perform an inspection to determine the source of the problem. The blame lies with either your plumbing or a disturbance in your well system components – and a groundwater well expert knows how to tell the difference. And, if the color change is due to a problem with your well, a professional well driller can complete any necessary repairs or recommend an effective treatment.

Does your water suddenly have an odd color? If you live in Utah or Wyoming, the professional Z-Team contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC can identify the reason for the color change and restore your supply of safe, clear and delicious well water.

As a leading groundwater well service company for over 30 years, the Z-Team has the expertise to provide solutions for a range of well problems. And, we offer around-the-clock emergency service, so you can call on us anytime. If your well water changed color suddenly, contact our Salt Lake City office today.