Variables that Impact Utah Submersible Well Pump Lifespan

One of the most popular and commonly-used components in water well systems today is the submersible pump, which has a sealed motor that’s attached to the pump body. This allows the pump to be submerged in water, pumping water to the surface using this motor and creating an efficient, consistent supply of water. Like with any motorized component that undergoes significant strain over time, however, submersible well pumps have expected lifespans that may be impacted by factors like maintenance, upkeep and others.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service, LLC, we’re here to help with this and numerous other water well pump repair and service needs throughout Utah. We know that not only do our clients want the very best well pump technology utilized for their system, they want to know their pump will last for many years without issue. What are some of the factors that will play a role in the longevity and durability of a submersible water well pump? Here are several to keep in mind.

variables submersible well pump lifespan

Quality of Submersible Well Pump Materials and Installation

Two of the single largest factors in determining how long your submersible water well pump will last are the materials used and the installation performed for this component. In terms of material quality, you want to make sure the pump’s body is made up of strong, durable components that won’t break or crack under intense usage. Furthermore, you want the motor to be made from quality parts and pieces as well, so it can withstand water exposure without damage.

As for a good installation job, this means more than simply using the right tools and parts to bolt your submersible well pump in place. An expertly-done installation will include properly lining up the pipe work that runs from the groundwater level to the pump at the surface, so it can run cleanly and efficiently without any clogs or obstructions. If you’re not experienced with water well installation and water pump repair, it’s best to have a professional handle this aspect of the project.

We can’t even begin to tell you the extent of the issues we hear about when well pump installation is carried out by unqualified individuals. Not only will the pump last for far less time, it will often do so while performing on an extremely limited basis and may even lead to water quality issues in your home. Contact our team for any new pump installation needs you may have.

Water Quality

Another key factor in your well pump’s longevity, and one you may not have considered specifically, is the quality of water being pumped through it regularly. Wells with large amounts of sand or debris, heavy mineral content or other factors that may damage the pump will lead to a shorter lifespan than one using cleaner, clearer water. This is another area that traces back to installation, which involves properly assessing the water quality in your area before installing a well and pump setup.

Water Temperature

Generally speaking, higher water temperatures tend to lead to shorter motor lifespans in submersible water well pumps. Again, each pump is different, but the hotter your area’s groundwater level tends to be, the less time your well will last. If you’re in an area with high water temperatures (over 120 degrees Fahrenheit), it may even be best to seek a different solution than a submersible system; our pros will be happy to recommend alternatives if this is your situation.

Quality of Electricity Supplied to Pump Motor

In addition, a major factor influencing the long-term lifespan of your well pump is the electricity being supplied to its motor. If you have an area with low voltage or an inconsistent supply, this will also lead to a shorter pump lifespan. It’s best to try to operate your system in a location where electricity is consistently available and at the proper voltage level – if it isn’t, we can help you resolve these issues.

In some cases, you may have to arrange for power resources outside your normal infrastructure. In these cases, a generator may be an excellent option to make sure your pump’s motor receives the right level of power it needs to run smoothly.

Well Pump Component Quality

And finally, the actual components included in any pump you’re using will obviously play a significant role in how long this pump will last. Quality materials, including the bearings and seals used for this part of the system, can significantly increase your pump’s longevity.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure the seal between the top of the submersible water well pump body and the motor is quality; a good seal will keep out water that could lead to damage.

Eventual Replacement

Even if you’re extremely diligent and stay on top of everything we’ve gone over to this point, it’s a simple reality that your submersible water well pump will not last forever. Many systems are designed to last fifteen years or even longer, but typically they will need to be replaced after that amount of time. Be sure you plan for this eventuality during the initial installation process by lining up a contractor who can install a new pump when the time comes. Our team is experienced with this precise setup, installing well pumps but also arranging for regular maintenance and inspections that will help you identify the situations that might dictate a new well pump upgrade in the future.

For more on the factors impacting the lifespan of submersible water well pumps, or to learn about any of our well pump or water well installation services in Utah, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.