Smelly Well Water? Here’s How to Troubleshoot It

Well water shouldn’t have a foul odor. So, if you’re greeted with an unpleasant smell when you turn on the tap, you have a right to be concerned.

Smelly Well Water

Fortunately, according to the CDC, funny-smelling water doesn’t necessarily pose a health threat.

That said, you and your family probably don’t want to drink or use water that stinks. To eliminate the smell in your well water, you’ll need to schedule an onsite inspection and treatment from a professional well contractor in your area. In the meantime, our handy well odor guide may help you identify the potential source of the problem.

Rotten Egg Smell

When well water smells like rotten eggs, hydrogen sulfide gas is to blame. In some cases, the odor stems from bacteria growing in the drain or water heater, rather than a problem with your well. Hydrogen sulfide gas can also be present in the aquifer that supplies your groundwater well, as sulfate naturally occurs in many of the soil and rock formations of Utah and Wyoming.

Metallic Odors

Well water that has a metallic smell often has a metallic taste, both of which are usually due to a high concentration of minerals. Iron or copper may be leaching from the pipes, or you may have less common metals, such as manganese or zinc, in the water system.

Earthy, Moldy or Fishy Smell

Bacterial growth in the sink drain can present any of these odors. An earthy, fishy or moldy smell can also be due to organic matter from animals, plants or bacteria that may be naturally present in the Wyoming and Utah groundwater, lakes and reservoirs at certain times of the year.

Is Your Water Well Supply the Source of the Smell?

Generally speaking, if foul-smelling water pours out of every faucet, the groundwater supply is probably the source of the problem.

If, however, you only notice an odor coming from a certain faucet, the culprit might be related to one of the connected pipes or fixtures. And, if the funny smell goes away after you run the tap for a few minutes, the odor may be coming from somewhere in your household plumbing system.

Are you ready to get rid of that smell in your well water? With more than 30 years of experiencing drilling, repairing and maintaining private and commercial wells, the professionals at Mike Zimmerman Well Service have the expertise to identify the source of the odor, treat the problem and leave you with clean, fresh-smelling water.

Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC provides free consultations and treatment estimates to well owners throughout Utah and Wyoming. Don’t put up with a smell in your well water – contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule an appointment.