Sand in Your Well Water? Here’s Why – and What to Do

Do you have sand in your well water? It’s probably not harmful but it doesn’t make for a very pleasant drinking, cooking or bathing experience.

sand in well water

A variety of issues may be to blame for this phenomenon, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the reason without an onsite inspection from a professional well contractor. However, these are some of the most common reasons you may have sand in your well water, along with some thoughts on how to fix the problem.

The Well Pump Is Placed Improperly

Sandy water can be the result of improper well pump placement. Pumps are usually installed at least ten to twenty feet above the base of the water well. Yours could be down too low, drawing in sand from the well’s bottom.

The Water Well Wasn’t Properly Developed

After a private well is drilled, it needs to go under a process known as development. This may involve a number of techniques, including high-speed water pumping or injecting air into the well. If you’re noticing sandy water, your private well may not have been properly developed after construction.

The Well Screen or Casing Has Degraded

Another common cause of sandy water is degradation in the screen or casing. When a private well is drilled, it’s sealed with a casing and a screen is installed to keep out grit and sediment. Over time, the screen and casing can begin to degrade, allowing sand to get inside.

How Do You Remove Sand from Well Water?

A professional well contractor can determine the best way to put an end to the sand in your well water. Pulling the pump up higher, away from the well base, might be the answer. Or, installing a new casing or special screen could resolve the problem.

With some private wells, an in-home solution may be recommended. A centrifuge device or sand filter could remove the particles, but these treatment options can sometimes create extra wear and tear on your well pump, shortening its lifespan.

If none of these options is feasible for your private well – perhaps it’s too old, or the diameter of the well is too small to allow repairs – you may need to drill a new well to eliminate the sandy water problem.

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