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Reasons to Schedule a Professional Water Well Inspection

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repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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From time to time, every private well owner needs to schedule a professional water well inspection. Having an expert come out for a checkup helps ensure proper operation and optimal water quality, protecting both your investment and your health.

The National Ground Water Association recommends scheduling a routine inspection at least once per year. Between regular checkups, be on the lookout for the following warning signs – if you spot any, contact Mike Zimmerman Well Service for a professional water well inspection as soon as possible.

Why schedule a professional well inspection

Changes in Water Color

Though a color change might be due to an issue in your plumbing, it can also mean the water isn’t safe to use. So don’t — schedule a professional well inspection instead. An expert contractor can identify the reason your faucets are pumping out discolored water and recommend an effective course of action to resolve the problem.

Sandy Well Water

Sand or sediment can be the result of degradation in the well screen or casing. Sandy water can also occur when the pump is too close to the bottom of the water well. Whatever the cause, solving the problem requires a thorough inspection from an experienced contractor.

Smelly Well Water

Foul-smelling water may not pose a health threat, but it certainly isn’t pleasant. If yours stinks, the groundwater supply is most likely to blame. To eliminate the odor, schedule a professional well inspection – an expert contractor can treat the source of the problem and leave you with clean, fresh water.

Air at the Faucets

Air coming out of the faucets can point to a high concentration of dangerous dissolved gases. Or, the problem may lie in the pump – it may be too large, the settings may need an adjustment or the pump drop pipe may have damage. In any case, you’ll need to contact a reputable local contractor for an inspection and treatment.

Low Water Pressure

Low pressure isn’t just an annoyance – it’s a signal to schedule a professional well inspection. The cause could be a failing pump, a pressure tank leak, a clogged screen or an issue in any number of well system components. Without prompt attention from an expert contractor, additional damage may occur.

Do You Need a Professional Water Well Inspection?

Whenever you notice a difference in the operation of your well system or in the quality of your water, scheduling an immediate inspection is essential. Wait too long, and the problem can grow larger – and more costly to resolve.

If you live in Utah or Wyoming, contact Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC for expert assistance at an affordable price.

A trusted industry leader with over 30 years of experience, Mike Zimmerman Well Service has the skill and expertise to provide solutions for a range of problems. And, our licensed Z-Team contractors offer around-the-clock emergency service – you can call on us for help anytime. For a professional water well inspection, contact our Salt Lake City office today.