Tips on Cleaning and Decontaminating Water Wells

One of our simplest needs as humans is clean drinking water, a need that extends to every person on the planet. More and more homeowners have begun installing water wells that allow them direct access to such clean water.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re proud to provide high-quality water well installations, plus well pump service and repair as needed to keep you and your family provided with clean, clear drinking water. Another important component to maintaining this clean water supply: Cleaning and maintaining the well itself. Here are a few tips in this area, including a couple different kinds of wells and some basic considerations to keep in mind.

cleaning decontaminating water wells

Surface Wells and Decontamination

There are a few different well types out there, and one such type includes those that use shallow water or even groundwater as their main source for your drinking water. These are shallow wells that are often dug manually, known as surface wells.

Due to their proximity to the earth, surface wells need to be decontaminated regularly to ensure they can provide you with clean drinking water. Otherwise, they risk the presence of bacteria, germs and other contaminants that could risk the health of building occupants.

Standard Well Cleaning

Unless it’s something you’ve done before or have been shown directions for, we often recommend having well cleaning done by professionals. These pros will be able to open individual hose bibs within your well system, checking for the smell of bleach or chlorine and that it’s in the proper places. They can also use professional tools to spray the interior casing of your well, helping remove any additional bacteria or contaminants that may have been present.

If you have received training in this or are confident with your own system, the use of chlorine or bleach is the primary tool at your disposal. Similar to a home pool, cleaning the well means killing bacteria – including bacteria that may be hidden in certain areas of the system. You can’t simply pour some bleach down a pipe and get safe drinking water right away, and this is part of why utilizing professionals who know how to fully clear the system can be highly useful.

Flushing System

No matter which kind of system you’re cleaning, the final and vital step is flushing it clear. This is where you flush the bleach and bacteria out of the well completely, including using a hose to draw the chlorinated water out of the well and ensuring no contaminants remain in any major areas that could affect your drinking supply.

For more on cleaning your well water system, or to learn about any of our well services or installations, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.