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Well Pump Leak Signs, Causes and Remedies

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Leaks are never desirable within any kind of water system, and water wells and their pumps are no exception. One of the first and most important parts of handling such an issue is being able to identify where it’s coming from, and one of the more common such locations for water well leaks is the well pump. 

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re happy to offer a wide range of water well services, including comprehensive well pump service and repair for any of our Utah clients. What are some of the common causes of leaks in your well pump, what are some signs this might be happening in your system, and what can be done about it? Here’s a rundown.

well pump leak causes remedies

Common Causes of Water Pump Leaks

There are a few issues that can cause leaks in your water well’s pump, including:

  • Corrosion: In some cases, the materials of your pump might react with its surroundings over time, resulting in cracks and other openings that lead to leaks. This can be a problem no matter what type of material your well’s pump is made out of, though there are treatments that can help keep it from corroding further.
  • Improper installation: In other situations, these leaks might be caused by a problem during the installation process, such as incorrect sealing or not connecting pipes correctly. This can be a result of poor workmanship on the part of your pump company, so it’s important to check with them if you notice any issues or signs that your system is leaking.
  • Major impact on pump: Whether due to something like a lighting strike, a vehicle accident, or some other major event that causes your well’s pump to be jarred loose or otherwise affected, leaks can occur as a result of this type of impact.
  • Casing pressure: Your well’s pump is protected by a casing, which can become damaged over time and lead to leaks. However, this type of leak is not always necessarily a problem as it’s often just due to the natural pressure on your system; check with your pump company if you’re unsure what to do next.

Signs From Your Water Pump System That It Might Be Leaking

If leaks are taking place in your well pump, some of the signs might be pretty obvious — but in other cases, they could be a bit tougher to pick up. Here are some in both these categories that might help you spot concerns:

  • Puddles around the pump: One of the more visibly apparent signs that leaks might be occurring in your pump is a water puddle under or around it. If you’re not sure if there are actually leaks, check with your local water well company to see what they recommend doing next.
  • Unusual sounds: In other cases, these leaks can cause some unusual noises within your system, such as gurgling, squealing, or other noises that might be unique to your system. If you notice any such sounds, it’s worth checking with your pump company as soon as possible to reduce the risk of larger problems down the road.
  • Pooling around storage tank: In other situations, leaks can lead to issues with your well pump’s storage tank. If you notice pooling water around this part of your system, it’s important to address this as soon as possible.
  • Sediment in the water: If you notice some extra sediment in your water that is not normally there, this could be a result of leaking within your pump. This can be a sign that it’s time to have your system checked out more thoroughly by a professional, as the leak itself might not necessarily be the end result of larger problems.
  • Sputtering faucets: If you notice that your faucets are sputtering quite a bit, this could be another sign that leaks within your system might be taking place. 
  • Reduced water flow: In other situations, leaks that are taking place in your well pump’s system can lead to a reduced amount of water being pumped into or around your home. If this is happening to you, it could be worth checking with your local professional about the issue and making sure everything is working as intended.
  • Higher water bills: Finally, if you’re noticing that your water bills are higher than they usually are, this might be a sign of leaking in your well pump. If you’re seeing issues like this, it’s important to get them checked out as soon as possible rather than letting them continue for extended periods of time.

Remedying Well Pump Leaks

If you’ve begun to notice signs or symptoms of leaks in your well pump, it’s important to address them as soon as possible. There are a few different potential fixes for this issue, including both repairing it and upgrading your well pump.

An important recommendation here: Unless you have specific training in well pumps and their repair, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional about the best solution for dealing with any such leaks. This is because these repairs can be very complex depending on how severe they are, as well as specific circumstances surrounding your system.

This is where our team at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC comes in. We can work with you to determine the best solution for fixing these leaks, and we can also help you make sure that your well pump is in good working order as a whole. So if you’re worried about any potential leaks or anything else related to your system, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.