Water Well Pumps – A Buyer’s Guide

Water well pumps can remain operational for many years – decades, in some cases. However, at some point or another, most will need to be replaced.

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Residential water wells in Utah and Wyoming typically use jet pumps or submersible pumps. When a pump fails, selecting a replacement can be as easy as installing the same model you already own.

All you must do is identify which type of well pump you have installed and think about the most important considerations for selecting a replacement pump.

Jet Water Well Pumps

Jet well pumps work by pulling water up, and they’re often paired with pressure tanks to store water for household use.

If your pump sits above ground near the wellhead, or if it’s located elsewhere on your property – like in the basement – you have a jet pump. These pumps come in two varieties, shallow and deep. Shallow jet pumps have a single pipe and can draw water from wells that are up to 25 feet in depth. Deep jet pumps have a two-pipe system that can lift water up from more than 100 feet.

Submersible Water Well Pumps

Submersible well pumps work by not by pulling, but by pushing. These pumps, installed at the bottom of the well, may or may not have pressure tanks.

Submersible pumps come in two- and three-wire configurations. You can figure out which type you have by looking for the controls. If you have a control box located inside your home or near the pump housing, it’s a three-wire model. If you don’t see aboveground controls, you likely have the two-wire version.

Choosing a Water Well Pump

Identifying the type of well pump you already have installed is the first step in selecting a replacement. However, just because you can replace your failed pump with the same model you had doesn’t always mean you should.

Many of the newer well pumps available today are much more efficient and have superior features to those installed years ago. With that in mind, you may not want to choose the same pump model.

In addition, older residential wells often have undersized pumps and may benefit from more powerful replacements. That said, going up in size or switching from a jet pump to a submersible pump isn’t always recommended – not all residential wells are constructed to handle additional power.

For expert advice on selecting the right replacement pump, consult with an experienced local well contractor – like the Z-Team professionals at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC.

With more than 30 years of experience drilling, repairing and maintaining commercial and residential water wells throughout Utah and Wyoming, the licensed Z-Team contractors have the skill, knowledge and expertise to recommend well system components that best meet your needs and your budget. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a free consultation to discuss water well pumps.