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Water Well Basics: Understanding Static Water Level

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repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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As a water well owner, you should have a general understanding of how your private groundwater system works. Without a grasp of the basics, you may have trouble making sound decisions about your system.

water well static level

Static water level is one of these fundamentals, a key piece of information every residential or commercial well system owner needs to understand.

What Is Static Water Level?

This term refers to the amount of water in a private well under normal conditions, when the system is not in use. The static level is best determined when the well has not been pumped for several hours; measure too soon, and the result may be a false reading.

Why Is the Your Static Water Level Important?

Knowing the static level of a water well can help prevent overuse of the groundwater supply. Rain and melting snow can add to the aquifer, and periods of drought can deplete the amount of groundwater available. State and local agencies routinely use static levels to monitor aquifer fluctuations.

Static levels can also be helpful for troubleshooting. Comparing your current level with the level at the time of construction can tell you if your groundwater system is experiencing a decreased yield.

How Can You Find the Static Level of Your Water Well?

When your residential or commercial well was constructed, the professional driller compiled a report containing all of the important information about your private groundwater system. This report will tell you the static level at the time of construction. If you can’t find this document, the Utah Division of Water Rights should have a copy.

To find out your current static level, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with a local well service company. A professional contractor can take a measurement using an electronic sounder or depth gauge. For deep wells over 300 feet, an air line can provide an accurate reading of the current level.

What Should You Do if the Level Drops?

If your local well service company discovers that your static level has dropped, you have three options for restoring your water yield.

You could install a pressure tank for additional water storage, as that will provide you with a reserve supply for times of high usage. Or, you could drill the well deeper.

If your contractor says that neither of these choices is practical for you, you may need to drill a new system that taps into a different aquifer.

If you have questions about water well basics, the Z-Team at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC can help you understand how your private groundwater system works and make sure your system stays in good working order.

Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC offers free consultations to homeowners and businesses throughout Utah and Wyoming. To schedule an appointment for us to come out and check your static water level — or to address any of your other water well concerns – contact us today.