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Red Flags of a Water Well Going Dry, Part 2

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the red flags that might indicate a water well that’s going dry. Water levels in a well are determined by a few different variables, and there could be several different related reasons why a well dries up, but the impact on your system will often give off a number of common indicators that this is happening.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re happy to offer water well repair and service to go along with our detailed well drilling and installation services. We’ve assisted many water well owners with a well that’s drying up, either due to climate conditions or some previous error by another installer. Here are a few of the other major signs to watch out for if this is happening, allowing you to note the issue and call our water well pros right away for assistance.

red flags water well dry

Sputtering Faucets

If your faucets in several areas of the home have begun sputtering frequently, and especially if this sort of thing is not common from any of your fixtures, this is often a sign of a drying well. This is generally because the well itself contains more air than water, and the pump is pulling in significant amounts of air along with whatever water is left.

This leads to much of that air being expelled through your faucets, and this combined with the lower quantities of water will create this sputtering effect. You may also notice water leaking from the base of faucets for similar reasons.


As you’re likely aware, your water well uses groundwater to meet your home’s water needs. In some cases – cases that are more common if a well is drying up – the water may also contain various liquids or gases, and it’s possible for these to mix in with your water.

The most common sign of this happening is bubbles appearing in the water. These may be bubbles from gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or methane, all of which can be harmful to your health. Luckily, we have simple degassing and aeration treatments to help if this is the case, along with our other programs to raise your water level back to the proper place.

Major Bill Increases

Finally, have you recently noticed that your electricity bill has skyrocketed compared to recent months or the same month in a prior year? This could be because the well is running dry, which can lead to various issues: Clogs due to sediment increases, the use of more electricity for increased pumping and more. If you can find no other cause of a spiking bill, a drying well is a definitely possibility.

For more on how to spot a well that’s drying up, or to learn about any of our water well installation or rehabilitation services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.