How Well Water Benefits Human Health Areas

There are several distinct reasons why home and property owners may choose to install water wells for drinking water, from convenience and simplicity to significant potential savings in many situations. It’s important not to forget about another major benefit of well water compared to other municipal sources, however: Basic health.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’ve been providing well drilling, treatment and rehabilitation to clients for over 30 years, learning a lot about well water quality during this time. Well water is free of many of the harsh chemicals present in municipal processes, making it taste better and allowing it to provide several specific health benefits. Let’s look at a few of these you may not have known about.

well water benefits health

Heart Health Factors

Numerous studies have shown the importance of staying hydrated when it comes to heart health, as dehydration thickens the blood. This, in turn, leads to lower blood volume and blood pressure issues, making the heart work harder with every beat. Dehydration is also a common precursor to coronary heart disease.

This makes staying hydrated a vital concern, and this is simpler and easier when your water tastes better and does not contain chemicals. For this reason, well water promotes heart health in ways normal water supplies often cannot.

Weight Loss

Drinking water is also associated with weight loss, but this might not be the case if your water supply is packed with chemicals. For starters, these may make certain areas of weight loss more difficult due to direct chemical interactions. For another, the same theme as above applies: The cleaner and tastier water is, the more likely you are to consume the proper levels during daily life than if you’re dealing with chemical-heavy water.

Brain Function

The human brain is made up of more water than any other individual substance, meaning dehydration negatively impacts brain function in several ways. Proper hydration leads to improved mental alertness and concentration levels, and even more so when it’s pure water in the system and no additional chemicals.

Skin Care

Finally, clean water can play a big role in healthy, smooth skin. Water helps push skin toxins out, helping it remain elastic and limit the signs of aging like wrinkles or lines.

In addition, water helps maintain the skin’s pH levels, limiting acne and other breakouts. If you still have skin that feels dry and parched even when you’re drinking the proper amounts, this could be due to chemicals present in a municipal water supply that wouldn’t be present in a comparable well water system.

For more on how well water benefits several specific areas of human health, or to learn about our well water drilling or water softening services, speak to the pros at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.