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How Much Does a Residential Water Well Cost?

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Are you considering a residential water well installation on your property?

residential water well Utah

Perhaps you’re moving to or building a home in a rural area. Or, maybe you simply want to replace the supply of costly municipal water with fresh, clean-tasting well water. Whatever your reason, it’s important to learn about the costs before proceeding with the installation.

Prices for Drilling a Water Well Are Quoted Per-Foot of Depth

Licensed well contractors typically quote prices for drilling by the foot, or by how deep they must drill to reach the groundwater supply.

Residential wells in Utah and throughout the rest of the country can range in depth from 30 to 200 feet. And, in most cases, the depth required to produce an adequate yield from the groundwater supply cannot be determined before drilling begins.

So, how much should you expect to pay per foot? Because the price can vary widely depending upon the type and difficulty of the water well drilling project, this question has no simple answer. Trying to dig through layers of solid rock, heavy clay or gravel-filled soil is much more difficult than drilling through sandy soil, for example, and this can significantly affect the cost.

$15 to $30 per foot to have a residential well drilled. However, expect your price to be higher if you have challenging soil conditions.

Other Cost Considerations for Drilling a Residential Water Well

The price-per-foot quoted by the contractor only covers the drilling of a residential well. The rest of the water system, including the well casing and cap, water storage system and well pump, is typically not be factored in. Filtration, electrical connections and pipes leading to your home may also be quoted separately.

These other components can add anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to the total price of a commercial or residential water well. Using higher-quality materials will also increase the cost.

Permits, licenses, labor and water testing may also be priced as add-on items to the total quote. The amounts charged for these services will depend upon your location and the well contractor’s pricing policies.

Estimating the Total Cost of Your Residential Water Well

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a reliable way to calculate water well costs on your own. Without knowing your soil conditions and how deep we must drill, we don’t know if your total will be closer to $1,500 or $15,000.

Consequently, our recommendation is to consult with a local well contractor. Most contractors are willing to provide free cost estimates. And – even more important – a licensed contractor has the expertise to explain the drilling and installation process fully.

Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC has served Utah homeowners for more than 30 years. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a free residential well drilling estimate for your property.