Factors Impacting Well Water Pump Lifespan

There are a few vital components involved in any water well system, and the well pump is chief among them. Used to extract water and bring it into the home for a variety of purposes, well pumps come in several different formats, most of which are submersible into the water itself.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re proud to offer a wide range of services for your water well pump. We carry several new pumps, from Franklin Electric and Grundfos to STA-RITE and other great models. One of the single most common questions we’re asked when our clients are considering a new well pump: How long will my pump last once it’s installed? The answer will range between nine and 15 years in most cases, and will depend on a few factors, which we’ll examine in this blog.

Pump Type

Firstly, the type of pump you choose will play a large role in how long it will last. Submersible pumps, the most common format, are installed in the well itself – these pumps tend to last around eight to 10 years in most cases, depending on how well you maintain them. Pumps for home use, on the other hand, which are not submerged into the water, may last up to 15 years in some cases.

Rate of Use

Another big factor: How often is the well and pump system used? When used, how long are typical use periods? Ideally, you’ll want your pump to only run for a few hours per day, a format that will generally keep pumps in great shape and lasting toward the longer end of their range.

If pumps are being used for 10-plus hours per day and pumping large volume, however, it’s a simple reality that they’ll wear down faster. More frequent maintenance may also be required to counteract the heat and friction applications caused during the pumping process.

Motor Quality

One major component of the pump is the motor, which is primarily responsible for the hard work that moves water from one place to another. The better the motor, the longer the pump will generally last – a low-quality motor will not only have a shorter lifespan, but will create more problems during regular use.

Wire System

There are two different wire systems your pump may use: Two-wire or three-wire. In the two-wire system, the electrical control panel is situated as such that the system can self-start itself. In a three-wire system, the panel is outside the pump. Three-wire systems allow for repairs or replacements if the control panel has issues, while the two-wire system requires full pump replacement in these cases – for this reason, three-wire systems are associated with longer pump lifespans.

Sediment Buildup

Finally, sediment plus sand, gravel and other small contaminants may build up in the pump over time. This water can wear down internal components of the pump, making it more likely to break down or function inefficiently. Ask our pros about tips for reducing sediment buildup in your pump or any area of your well.

For more on how long your well pump will last, or to learn about any of our well pumps, well drilling or well treatment services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.