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Debunking Common Well Water Testing Myths

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repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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When it comes to the proper maintenance and upkeep of water wells, contaminant testing is at or near the top of any list. Ensuring your water supply is safe to drink and clear of any possible contaminants or health risks is vital, and should be a regular part of your maintenance plan.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, our water well drilling and treatment services include everything you need to know about testing your well water correctly. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a number of damaging myths out there that lead some well owners toward incorrect testing principles and application. With that in mind, let’s debunk several of the largest misconceptions regarding well water testing.

debunking water well testing myths

Myth #1: It Smells Fine, So There’s No Problem

There are several distinct reasons for well water testing, and one of the top ones is this: Most of the contaminants that might be present cannot be smelled, tasted or seen by humans. Your water might smell and taste completely normal, along with appearing totally clear and healthy – but it could still contain contaminants that are not traceable using your senses.

Even if water appears great, standard testing should be done at least once a year. You might be shocked at what a test discovers, even if you were sure your water supply was clean.

Myth #2: The First Test Was Safe, So I’m Good

When your well is installed, it will be given a first test during your initial inspection. In most cases, this inspection will not turn up any contaminants.

This does not mean, however, that your well is simply good to go for the rest of your life without further inspections. Water is affected by several factors over a long period of time, and conditions may change in or around the well that lead to contaminant risks. Wells can absolutely become contaminated even if they were previously marked safe, which is why regular testing is so vital.

Myth #3: No One Is Sick, Therefore No Issue

Down similar lines, the simple lack of sickness due to your water doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick in the future. Many water contaminants are slow-acting, poisoning your body over a long period of time before eventually making you sick. Again, annual water testing will prevent these contaminants from regularly entering your body.

Myth #4: Testing is Too Expensive

Some people avoid water well testing believing it’s a prohibitive cost, but this simply isn’t true. Well testing is simple and affordable, far less than the cost of a single water bill – and proper testing will also save you large sums in the future if it prevents the need for an expensive system overhaul due to contamination.

For more debunked myths on well water testing, or to learn more about any of our well pumps or well treatment services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.