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3 Amazing Benefits of Well Water

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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Whether you’ve been depending on your trusty well for years or you’re considering buying a home with well water, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons. This “ground water” doesn’t get chlorinated like city water does, which can be a huge plus for those seeking a greener lifestyle. However, there are three other major perks to well water that are easy to overlook. This isn’t just a more eco-friendly approach, but also one that can benefit the health and wellness of your entire family.

Some homebuyers shy away from properties that depend on well water because of myths that simply aren’t true—such as the thought that well water is “dirty.” Just because it’s not chemically cleaned doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy or harmful. In fact, it can actually be healthier for many people, such as those who are sensitive to chemicals. If there’s a well in your future, consider these three major advantages:

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1. Going Green Just Got Easier

The whole filtering and cleaning of water (at least the way cities do it) is expensive, creates pollution and takes a lot of time and professional effort. In other words, simply running that dishwasher or washing your face costs the city—not to mention the earth—handsomely. Well water is kind to the ecosystem because it reduces pollution from city filtration systems. Instead, filtering well water is done on a much smaller scale and doesn’t require massive machinery.

2. Great Taste

Assuming the well water is clean and filtered, which is something a professional well services company like Mike Zimmerman can ensure, many people say they enjoy the taste of this natural source much better. There’s no chemical or artificial aftertaste. Of course, well water taste can vary greatly depending on where you live, since the surrounding rocks and soil can make a big difference. Regardless of the region, the majority of people who drink well water say it’s undoubtedly superior.

3. Save Money

Not only will you avoid a monthly water bill (after all, you’ll have no usage fees), but well users even receive added tax breaks. While conserving water is always a good practice, you can use well water without ever worrying about a mounting bill, so go ahead and take that extra long shower every now and then . All you need to purchase is a quality pump and filtration system, not to mention indulging in routine maintenance from a pro, and you’ll be in business.

You’ll be doing “well” if you’re lucky enough to live on a property with this type of water system. Improve your physical and financial health while enjoying the tastiest water available.