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The Sad State of Your Water Bill

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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There’s no getting around it—Americans are using more water than ever and their water bill is reflecting it. Did you know that we use 127 percent more water than in the 1950s? It makes sense, what with dishwashers, the desire to have your full wardrobe clean and ready to go at all times (which means more laundry loads), luxuriously large baths and the push to “drink more water.” While drinking more water and pampering yourself with a well-earned hot shower is a good thing, it shouldn’t have to come at such a high cost.

The simple truth is that 95 percent of water that comes into your home goes down the drain,mike zimmerman well service well water but that’s not the only thing heading down those pipes. You may have noticed your water bill creeping up year after year. Simply keeping the tap on while brushing your teeth uses up to four gallons of water (more if you’re brushing two full minutes, like the dentist told you). Everyone should be conscientious about conserving water, so just turn that water off until you are ready to rinse your brush. What it comes down to is that there’s a big silver lining for those who depend on well water: You’re not paying anything besides maintenance and electricity for this precious commodity.

No Flushing Money down the Drain for You 

Sure, there are many low-flush toilets complete with tax breaks, but how many people really have those installed? If you have an older commode, it takes about three gallons per flush—every flush. Low flush toilets can get that down to one gallon, but some of them just aren’t powerful enough for everyday use. However, if you have well water, you never have to worry about costly flushes.

There was a time when the vast majority of homeowners depended on well water for their daily tasks, but now more and more people are linked to city water. It’s a nice little profit for local governments because as you use more and more water, you’re paying higher prices and most American’s aren’t that adept at water-saving measures. Water isn’t a bonus in the US, it’s a necessity that we’re willing to pay for as long as we have clean dishes, clothes and hair.

An Added Bonus

Not only do people with wells have to pay zero for water bills and only indulge in some annual maintenance along with the electricity to run the pump, most say that it simply tastes better, too. These people bypass the city-added chemicals, and there’s no reason to invest in costly faucet filtration systems. Instead, the well filters themselves do a standup job of keeping the water clean and free of chemicals.

It’s a greener, much more cost effective way to enjoy the world’s most available resource. Now the only question is what you’ll do with those water bill savings?