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Winter Water Well Problems Solved

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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Winter Well Problems

Can freezing temperatures threaten your access to your well water this winter? It’s possible, if you call Utah home, since our winter weather can get extreme.

An important part of your well that needs protection is the above-ground pump. If it freezes, it can make access to water a real struggle. Having an insulated well housing, and perhaps installing a flood lightbulb in the coldest weather, can keep your pump up and running no matter what Jack Frost throws at it. The well housing is, of course, quite small, so it doesn’t take much to keep it at a moderate temperature.

Pipes between the well and the house are another story. Depending on the age of your home, they could be buried at varying depths, but the most common is 18 inches. This is deep enough to protect most pipes from freezing, but there’s still a vulnerable area: right where the pipe peeks out of the ground at the house. Check to see what kind of insulation your crawlspace has, and consider adding a little extra protection, such as more insulation or heat tape.

More Is More

Within Utah, average winter temperatures can vary drastically. If you live in a particularly cold region, or you’re just worried that your home isn’t insulated well enough, it’s better to over-prepare. There’s nothing wrong with more heat tape or upgrading your insulation to stay on the safe side. If you’re building a home with a well, or completely renovating an existing well, make sure the pipes are buried at an adequate depth.

But sometimes even the best precautions aren’t enough. It’s always wise to make sure you have extra, clean water stored — whether you depend on well or city water. Ice storms can destroy power lines, and it can take weeks to get power back. Generators can power pumps for a while, but if you go that route, also ensure you have enough fuel on hand.

Early Prep Work

It’s still autumn, which means you have time to prepare your home (and well) for a potentially blustery winter. The best action to take right now is to schedule a routine well inspection, and be sure to ask us about freezing issues. We will test your well water for cleanliness, make sure everything is in great condition, and work with you to freeze-proof your well and pipes.

Wells need maintenance and repairs throughout the years, but catching issues early is a lot less expensive and time consuming. Water isn’t a luxury, so make sure yours is safe and accessible. Call Mike Zimmerman today for water well protection and winter planning.