Well Water Softening: Do Magnetic Water Treatment Devices Work?

In Utah and Wyoming, installing a well water softening system is often a necessary endeavor. Without one, our region’s hard water can create a host of problems, including limescale build-up, soap scum residue, pipe corrosion and plumbing damage.

Commercial Wells

Various manufacturers have marketed magnetic treatment devices as alternatives to traditional softeners. However, while the concept may seem reasonable and the price may be attractive, these products really don’t deliver the benefits of traditional water softening systems.

How Magnetic Treatment Devices Operate

Magnetic devices operate through the use of powerful magnets attached to the waterlines. The magnets are said to change the molecular makeup of mineral contaminants, which thereby prevents the chemical reactions that cause hard water.

Manufacturers of magnetic devices claim that installing one can give you a lifetime of energy-free softening treatment. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, virtually no supportive scientific evidence exists to support the effectiveness of this technology.

Research on Magnetic Treatment Devices

Laboratory tests by independent third parties show that the claims put forth by magnetic device manufacturers are not valid.

Research conducted back in 1977 concluded that magnets don’t soften water or stop limescale formation. Further studies in 1981 and 1985 confirmed that magnetic treatment provides no measurable softening effect.

Since then, over a hundred studies have been performed on magnetic treatment devices. While some research has been inconclusive, no independent studies support the claims made by the manufacturers of these devices.

Safer Bets for Well Water Softening

Softeners that remove magnesium, calcium and other mineral contaminants are far more effective than magnetic devices.

Traditional water softening systems function as specialized ion exchangers. The ions they contain attract ions from the minerals present, safely removing them from the household supply. Many softeners use salt ions, but systems that use potassium chloride work just as well.

If you have hard water, you should invest in a softening system that you can trust to provide results. A traditional softener may cost a bit more than a magnetic treatment device, but your money won’t be wasted. Good softening systems can last for decades with just occasional maintenance.

To find a softener that works to remove your well’s mineral contaminants, you’ll need to consult with an experienced well service contractor. In Utah and Wyoming, Mike Zimmerman Well Services LLC is the go-to source for well water softening systems.

The licensed Z-Team contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Services LLC have over 30 years of experience drilling, repairing and treating commercial and residential wells. We can help make your hard water problems disappear with a system that works far better than any magnetic treatment device. For more details, contact our Salt Lake City office and schedule a consultation to discuss well water softening today.