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Well Pump Service May Not Be Necessary Post Oil Spill

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Ohio Oil Spill

An oil spill in Ohio had calls for well pump service and repair going through the roof, but fortunately the spill does not seem to have impacted local water wells. Two homeowners told local media that they had their well water tested after a spill nearby, and found that their water was safe. However, it is important to note that routine water testing is highly recommended for well owners, regardless of spills and other disasters. Unlike city water, it is the sole responsibility of homeowners to ensure their well water is safe.

One of the homeowners who had his water tested got in touch with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency after discovering his pond water was contaminated, resulting in the deaths of some fish. The Trumbull County Health Department acted quickly, providing the homeowner with the necessary paperwork to begin the testing and reporting process. Another homeowner, who was also worried about potential contamination, reached out for well testing as well.

Better Safe than Sorry

Having a brine-injection well can mean that leaks will slowly infiltrate into wells over time, so any tell-tale tastes or smells may not appear right away. While the homeowners are happy that their water is safe, it did serve as a reminder to stay on top of well maintenance. Some homeowners may (still) be unaware of the spill, since it’s not in a business’ best interest to advertise a spill or leak.

Wetland cleanup continues throughout the area, with a multitude of workers diligently focused on preserving the surroundings. The neighbors are also doing their part trying to keep wildlife away from the hazardous zones, but a number have died anyway. One resident said she was concerned about stray cats eating the contaminated dead fish and muskrats and becoming ill themselves.

Worried about Your Well Water?

It’s best to schedule well water testing at least biannually, in the autumn and spring. However, homeowners who suspect a spill or other contamination should cease drinking or bathing in well water until it is tested. Do-it-yourself testing kits are readily available for a reasonable price.

The absolute best approach is to have an expert conduct testing. Contact Mike Zimmerman Well Services today to schedule your routine or emergency water testing, or for any type of well pump service and repair.