Water Well Testing for Specific Contaminants & Conditions

Annual water well testing helps ensure that your family has a safe supply of drinking water. However, in some situations, experts recommend scheduling additional tests.

Which household circumstances warrant prompt water quality testing? And when is it a smart move to test your private well for specific contaminants that are common in Utah and Wyoming? To find out, read on.

water well testing

Scheduling Water Well Testing for Specific Conditions

As a private well owner, you need to be on the lookout for certain situations that may be the result of groundwater contaminants. Household conditions that indicate the need for well testing include:

  • Recurrent gastrointestinal distress – the well may be contaminated with coliform bacteria

  • Objectionable taste or odor – the problem may be due to hydrogen sulfide, metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pH or hardness

  • Soap scum and scaly residue – hard water could be the culprit, or the well system may contain chloride or sodium

  • Frothy or cloudy water – the cause may be salts, tannins, pH or sediment particles

  • Stained laundry – iron, sulfate, manganese or tannins within the well system could be to blame

  • Corroded pipes and plumbing fixtures – the issue may be copper, pH or salts, or the water well system may have lead components

When to Schedule Well Water Tests for Common Contaminants

Private groundwater wells in Utah and Wyoming are at risk for certain contaminants. The more common pollutants found in the region include:

  • Coliform bacteria

  • Nitrates

  • Arsenic

  • Radon

  • VOCs

Water well systems located within the Intermountain West may also contain chloride, sulfate, lead, manganese, chromium-6 and several other contaminants.

In addition to annual well testing, private well owners should schedule quality tests anytime:

  • Someone in the household is pregnant or nursing

  • The family includes an infant who drinks formula prepared with tap water

  • The well system is serviced or repaired

  • Hazardous chemicals, fuels or pesticides spill near the well

  • The land surrounding the well is flooded or disturbed

  • The neighbors discover contamination in their water supply

Leave Testing to a Professional Well Services Contractor

Water well testing is a task you can complete on your own, but you may not want to go that route. Doing so requires you to determine which contaminants to test for and to hunt down an environmental laboratory qualified to perform the tests you need. And to collect the samples to send in, you must follow detailed instructions. If you aren’t careful, your test results will be inaccurate.

Let a professional well services contractor perform the testing, and neither of these issues will be a concern. What’s more, you won’t have to try to figure out what the test results mean or how to improve your water quality – your contractor can explain everything.

Do you need water well testing? Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC is the go-to source for expert water quality tests and maintenance of private well systems throughout Utah and Wyoming.

The licensed Z-Team contractors have the skill and expertise to accurately complete your well water tests, along with the knowledge to interpret the results and recommend effective treatments for any existing contamination. Contact Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC in Salt Lake City for affordable professional water well testing today.