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When Should You Test Your Well Water Quality?

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Well Water Quality Test

In Utah and Wyoming, well water is considered to be a private water supply. For this reason, water quality testing is the responsibility of the well owner. No government agencies or programs routinely test private systems.

Testing is the only way to be certain that the water from your residential well is safe to drink. But do you know when and how to have testing done at your location?

Reasons for an Immediate Well Water Test

Certain well area conditions indicate the need for immediate testing.

Was your residential well recently serviced or repaired? Or was the area around the wellhead recently flooded or submerged? These and other critical issues, such as a nearby fuel or septic tank leak, pesticide spill or back-siphonage of contaminated water into the supply, require prompt testing.

Testing should also be done at once if someone in the household is pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Likewise, tests should be performed if infant family members drink formula made from well water.

Even if none of these conditions apply to you or your residential well, consider having a water test performed if an unusual or unpleasant taste or odor develops suddenly, as it may indicate contamination.

Scheduling Routine Checks of Your Well Water Quality

According to the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), residential well owners should test their water quality at least once per year for bacteria and nitrates.

Residential wells should also be checked for contaminants that can be found in the local area. Arsenic and radon can occur naturally in the environment, for example. Other contaminants, such as chemical volatile organic compounds, can come from manmade sources like landfills and industrial sites.

Who Should Test Your Well Water Quality?

You can collect samples and have them tested, but testing isn’t a simple process.

Quality tests must be performed by a state-certified and licensed laboratory, so you’ll need to locate a qualified environmental lab. Be aware, however, that not all labs are certified to do all types of testing.

Once you have located the right testing lab, you must follow their instructions to collect samples, using their sanitized containers. Sample collection must be done precisely as directed, in order to ensure accurate results. And, since you’ll have to pay out of pocket for many types of testing, any mistakes you make in collection can cost you.

For those reasons, many industry experts recommend having professional water quality testing done. The easiest way to do this is to engage the services of a well services contractor, like The Z Team of Mike Zimmerman Well Service.

Hiring a well services professional means that testing will be done correctly every time. And, when the results come in, we will be ready to fix any quality issues that may be identified.

Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, serving Utah and South Wyoming, provides all types of well water testing, drilling and repairs. Call us today to schedule a service call, if you’re having problems or if it’s time to test the well water quality at your home.