Wells Vs. Bottled Water: The Myth of Bottled Water Superiority

Among many people who you’d poll about their basic water preferences, a common answer will be that bottled water is a preference over other types. Some say they prefer the taste, while others feel that bottled water is safer and better for their health than that found from water wells, taps and other sources.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re here to tell you that in the vast majority of cases, these qualities regarding bottled water compared to other types are nothing but myths. We’ve installed numerous water wells for our clients over the years, bringing them clean, high-quality water that’s every bit as healthy as that you’d find in a bottle – if not more so. This two-part blog series will go over some of the myths out there about bottled water, a key issue with bottled water compared to other formats, and some of the realities of where your bottled water truly comes from (hint: it’s often from a water well).

well bottled water myth

Is Bottled Water “Purer?”

For many, this impression that bottled water is purer and cleaner than other types is the primary reason they prioritize it. But is it really true?

In cases where your home’s water, or another source of water you’re drawing from, is from a poor or contaminated source, bottled water will absolutely be an upgrade. However, in the vast majority of situations, such as when your water supply – be it a water well or any other – is robust and designed to avoid contamination, the water you’ll receive from your tap is virtually identical to what you’ll find in many plastic bottles. Numerous bottled water companies simply use tap or very similar types of water, even many that claim to provide “spring” water.

Bottles and the Environment

In addition to the above, there’s one major downside of drinking bottled water regularly: The impact on the environment. While we wish every person who drank bottled water would recycle where possible, many do not; not only this, but the bottling and shipping processes are also wasteful, and bottling water is a process that has a profoundly negative overall impact on the earth. Frankly, our world would be in a much better place if more people prioritized natural sources of water above plastic bottles.

Our next several sections will go over some of the terms you might hear from a bottled water provider, plus what they’re actually referring to in terms of water source.

Mineral and Spring Water

One of the most popular bottled water marketing techniques today is using terms like “mineral” or “spring” water. But the term “spring” water really just refers to water sourced from any natural area where groundwater comes from beneath soil – as you may have realized, this is very similar to many well or other water drawing formats, just with a fancy-sounding name attached to it. And in other cases, companies claiming this title for their water are really just drawing it directly from a municipal source.

For more on why bottled water’s superiority over other types is a total myth, or to learn about any of our water well digging, repair or rehabilitation services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.