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The Top 3 Reasons to Drill a New Water Well

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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Have you considered drilling a new water well on your property?

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Across the U.S., more homeowners are turning to well water because cutting ties with the municipal supply offers a variety of health, financial and environmental advantages. If you’re on the fence about investing in a private well, take a look at how you and your family can benefit.

No. 1: A New Private Water Well Saves You Money

Once your new private well is drilled, you can say goodbye to monthly water bills. The water pumped from the ground and into your home is completely free, no matter how much you use.

And, you won’t have to worry about city-wide use restrictions. You own the access to any groundwater on your property. By drilling a water well, you control the usage.

A new private well is a solid long-term investment with a definite return. While you may need to budget for periodic well maintenance and a filtration system, the amount of money you’ll save over time will far outweigh the cost of drilling a new well.

No. 2: Well Water Tastes Clean and Refreshing

Ask anyone who owns a private well about the taste of their water and they’ll tell you that well water is more refreshing.

Although this can be chalked up to personal preference, many well owners point to the natural filtration process as the reason for the softer, milder taste. The municipal supply is treated with chlorine, fluoride and other harsh chemicals that undeniably affect the flavor.

Poor water taste and quality are the reason that many people refuse to drink from the tap, paying for costly bottled water or filtration systems.

Imagine turning on the tap and drinking a glass of water that tastes better than what you can get from a bottle. That’s what your family will enjoy when you drill a new private well on your property.

No. 3: Drilling a New Water Well Benefits the Environment

Well water is more eco-friendly than the municipal supply, as it is filtered through layers of underground stone and sand rather than harsh chemicals.

And, consider this – waste from the chemicals used by city treatment plants has to go somewhere. Outdoor settling ponds, the sewer system and the landfill are typical destinations for the chemical sludge. Private wells, on the other hand, don’t create these hazardous pollutants that threaten our environment.

Energy use is another way private wells benefit the environment. Using a well reduces fossil fuel consumption, as it doesn’t require nearly the amount of energy as city water does to transport to your home.

Are you convinced yet? Mike Zimmerman Well Service provides complimentary consultations and cost estimates to homeowners throughout Utah and Southern Wyoming. Our competitive pricing, high-quality equipment and professionalism have made us a leader in the regional industry for over 30 years. For answers to all of your questions about drilling a new water well, contact us today to schedule an appointment.