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Is Your Well Water Safe?

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Well Water

For many New York residents, well water safety is a big concern. In Livingston County, investigators found at the end of 2014 that a number of private wells were contaminated beyond what experts consider safe. The good news is that this has prompted owners to question water quality, obtain testing (which is their responsibility, not the government’s), and improve on the monitoring of the wells. If water tastes OK, or if well owners have simply gotten used to a foul taste, they’re more prone to putting off regular, annual testing.

Unlike city-provided water, whose purity is managed by the government, private well owners are left to their own devices. Fortunately, a reputable and licensed well-repair service company can take care of the dirty work for you. Of course, this requires actually making and keeping those inspections. If skipped, contamination may not be caught and it can lead to serious health risks.

Taking Action

The manager of a company which creates water purification systems, Phil Jones, says that by early 2015 seven contamination cases already had been confirmed in New York. This news spread like wildfire in his industry — especially since 40 percent of homes in Livingston County rely on private wells. He said, “What we know is that most people assume their water is safe as long as it’s clear and doesn’t smell or taste bad. You can’t see bacterial contaminants like E. coli, but you definitely don’t want that in your drinking water.”

Since the first reports started rolling in last summer, 900 New Yorkers have asked for testing kits. It’s been a reminder that well owners need to take responsibility for their water’s safety. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, testing well water each year is a must — but legislation can’t make it mandatory. Jones added, “Residents can hope that their well is safe, regardless of whether or not they regularly test the water and keep the well maintained — or they can invest in a water treatment system.”

In Good Hands

While many tests kits are on the market, the best way to ensure your water is safe is by depending on a local well expert’s tests. They have the highest-tech equipment and experience. Plus, having your well water tested for safety is one less worry for homeowners, and a great addition to a spring cleaning checklist.

Mike Zimmerman Well Service has the experience and customer service focus you can depend on for well safety. Give them a call today!