Well Water Softening for Health?

You know hard water is annoying, leaving unsightly spots everywhere, but is it dangerous to your health? Surprisingly, it can be — especially if you or someone in your home is a senior citizen. Some of the U.S. cities with the highest concentration ...

Common Commercial Well Pump Problems

A commercial well is affected by groundwater flow, which can minimize the system’s overall power, including the well, loop and heat pumps. The goal of a commercial well is to maximize “peak block load.” This offers the best flow for the most co ...

Know Your Residential and Municipal Wells

Whether you use a residential well, municipal well or both, you have to be able to spot signs of danger.

Animals in Residential Wells

Older residential wells or those that aren’t properly covered can seem like a sanctuary to some critters. When animals are driven out of their natural homes — perhaps by nearby construction or a storm — they can get creative and ambitious and d ...

Well Water Testing Checklist

Well water testing is a top priority, and the only way private well owners can know if their drinking water is contaminated. Not all contaminated water looks, smells or tastes strange.