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Answering Common Questions About Well Drilling

Four generations of experience installing, maintaining and
repairing wells throughout Utah and Wyoming.
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At Mike Zimmerman Well Service, LLC, we’re proud to offer the top water wells and well drilling services in Utah. We utilize rotary drilling and other modern technology to create a brand new, clean, high-functioning well for your property.

For most who utilize our well services, this is their first experience in this realm. As a result, we naturally get a number of basic questions on the process, all of which we’re happy to answer while informing our clients of all the potential benefits associated with water wells. Here are some of the most frequent questions we get, plus some basic answers to get you started down the path toward installing a well on your property.

answering questions well drilling

How Long Will it Take?

This is probably our most common question, and while we can give better answers in each individual circumstance, we have to slightly defer here – the real answer is that it depends. Factors like your soil quality, the depth of well you desire, your water table and several others will all play a role in determining exactly how long our drilling process will take.

Our well professionals will consult with you and analyze your property to give you a better estimate when the time comes. Remember that this process will also involve testing for safety from contaminants.

Are There Any Special or Particular Operating Requirements?

The drilling and well installation process is a perfect time to ask our technicians any questions you have about operating the well. Have you never operated a well before? If so, we’re happy to show you the basic requirements, plus any other specific areas of your well that you’ll need additional expertise in.

Are Filters Required?

Many well water sources are safe for drinking on their own, but it’s always good to consider filtration as an added precaution against contaminants. One of the most common here is iron, which shows up in hard water and can create issues ranging from harmful buildups to a poor odor. Filters will keep away not only iron, but also numerous other potential chemicals or contaminants that could threaten your health.

How Often Should I Test the Well?

Finally, the drilling and installation process is one where you should leave completely clear on how often you need to test the well water for contaminants. While we will perform such a test initially upon installation, regular testing for various contaminants is vital to ensure your water stays clean and healthy at all times. Particularly if you notice any changes in taste, smell, color or other areas of the water quality, you should test it right away to see if any contaminants have seeped in.

For more answers to common well drilling questions, or to learn about any of our well services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service, LLC today.