Know Your Residential and Municipal Wells

Whether you use a residential well, municipal well or both, you have to be able to spot signs of danger.

Animals in Residential Wells

Older residential wells or those that aren’t properly covered can seem like a sanctuary to some critters. When animals are driven out of their natural homes — perhaps by nearby construction or a storm — they can get creative and ambitious and d ...

Well Water Testing Checklist

Well water testing is a top priority, and the only way private well owners can know if their drinking water is contaminated. Not all contaminated water looks, smells or tastes strange.

Well Water Treatment Options

With many well water treatment options to choose from, how can you know which is best for you? No one-size-fits-all treatment will tackle every problem. You might be simply looking for better-tasting drinking water (even though it’s not contaminate ...

How Do Well Pumps Work?

Pumps are the workhorse of your well, but do you know how they work? If you have a well, you’re completely dependent on your pump working flawlessly to provide ample, safe drinking water. Not only do you have your own well and source of water, but ...