Private Wells & Their Water Supply: Frequently Asked Questions

private wells

Private wells supply drinking water to more than 15 million households across the United States. But, beyond knowing that a turn of the tap provides a ready supply of water, many private well customers don’t have extensive knowledge about their wat ...

Is Your Well Water Contaminated with Chromium-6?

well water

Millions of U.S. residents are drinking well water – from both municipal and private sources – that contains dangerous levels of chromium-6, according to a recent well water study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Chromium-6 is a known ...

Will Your Residential Well Function If the Utility Grid is Down?


Modern residential well systems rely on electrically-powered pumps to draw water from the ground and deliver it to your home. So, you may be able to guess what happens when the power goes out. Without electricity, your well pump won’t work. However ...

Where Should Your New Water Well Be Located?

New Water Well Location

Are you planning a new water well installation in Utah or Wyoming? If so, you will – of course — hire an experienced, licensed well service contractor to do the work. Your contractor will help you choose the best location but, for a better id ...

Common Pollutants in Utah Water Wells

Utah Water Well Pollutants

Did you know that Utah water wells are not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? For that matter, neither is any private water supply.