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Well Pump Action Variables When Leaving Town, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the factors at play when deciding whether to turn off your water well pump when leaving town for a trip or vacation. There are a few important variables to consider here, from the length of your trip to your plans with the home’s HVAC system and the time of year, with the goal of keeping the pump and other well components in great working order.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re happy to provide a variety of water well services, from well drilling and installation to well rehabilitation and repair – and we’re also here to offer expertise on numerous well-related questions like this one. Here are some of the primary benefits of turning off the well pump during a trip or vacation you’re taking, plus some basic steps on how to do this if you’ve decided it’s the prudent course of action.

well pump action leaving town

Preventing Unit Damage Risks

Particularly when it comes to longer trips you plan to take, you should be wary of the potential for minor issues with the well pump that will simply sit and fester if you’re away. The most common such issue is some kind of electrical problem such as a surge, which can impact the well pump in several ways – but if you’re away for weeks and the pump is left on, it will continue to experience issues until you return.

This is simply a preventive perspective: For such trips, it’s generally better to avoid these risks and turn the pump off. Just in case anything happens with a related system, whether it’s the electrical system, HVAC components or others, the pump is not at risk.

Water Damage and Health Risks

As we touched on in part one, one of the primary risks associated with the water pump and water system during a trip, especially one during colder weather, is frozen pipes and related bursting issues. These lead to flooding and serious water damage in some cases, which in turn risks exposure to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from water that stagnates in various parts of the home.

If you turn the pump off ahead of a cold-weather trip, however, this risk is heavily reduced or even eliminated altogether. Especially if you plan to turn off the HVAC system during such a vacation, the pump should be turned off as well.

How to Turn Off Your Water Well Pump

If you’ve decided to turn off the well pump for a trip, doing so is easy enough. Simply head to the electrical panel in your home and turn off the breaker that connects to your well pump system. Some will also cut the power to their water heater as well, helping prevent a broken water line from attempting to pull water from it. If you have any questions or concerns about turning off the pump, contact our team.

For more on whether or not to turn off your water well pump when leaving on a trip, or to learn about any of our water well services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.

Well Pump Action Variables When Leaving Town, Part 1

There are a few home fixture areas to think about when you’re planning a significant trip where no one will be in the house for several days at a time, and this is particularly true for homeowners with water wells on their property. The primary question at play here involving the well: Should you turn off your well pump before leaving on a given trip or vacation?

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re here to provide not only water well drilling, installation and rehabilitation, but also a variety of expertise areas when it comes to maintaining and caring for your well system. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over every factor to consider when deciding what to do with the water well pump when you leave town, including a few risk factors to keep in mind plus the benefits of turning the system off – and how to do it if you decide this is the proper choice.

well pump leaving town

Length of Trip

One of the simplest factors at play here will be how long the home will be left empty for during your trip. Will it be totally unoccupied for a period of a few days, or will the absence be closer to several weeks or even a month or longer? This area will also play a major role in deciding on what to do with other basic home service areas that relate to your water supply.

Time of Season

Another key variable that homeowners will have to think about here is what time of year the trip is taking place during. Summer vacations, for instance, present no risks when it comes to freezing water or related impact on your piping system – many choose to turn off not only their water system for a longer trip, but also their HVAC system to save both money and strain on the components involved.

During the fall or winter, on the other hand, there may be risks associated with turning off the HVAC system. This will allow pipes to freeze in cold temperatures, which can lead to pipe bursting issues if water isn’t properly flushed from the pipes ahead of time. For this reason, many choose to leave the heating system on during such winter trips, and leaving water on makes sense as well.

Heating System and Plan

Down related lines, your plan with the HVAC system and the overall power system in your home will play a role here. If you plan to shut these off during a fall or winter trip, you should definitely be planning to do the same with your water pump – the lack of heat will make freezing risks very high, and you should not take this chance.

For more on the factors involved in whether to turn off your well water pump while leaving town, or to learn about any of our water well installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.