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Planning Areas Before Installing a New Water Well, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most important planning areas to consider when it comes to installing a new water well on your property. Attempting to drill and install a new well without a few vital prep areas addressed first could lead to future issues, from improper well operation to a poor supply of water reaching your home.

At Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC, we’re proud to work with you on every stage of your water well drilling and installation needs, including you’ve taken the proper preparation steps before we begin the work. In today’s part two, we’ll dive a bit further into one of the single most important planning steps: Ensuring there’s enough water present underground in your area to supply all the water needs you may have. Our pros will help you understand how various water tables, geological conditions or even other nearby water systems might impact your water quantity – and here are some of the areas you need to ensure you have enough for.

planning installing new water well

Basic Daily Use

For starters, any water well you install on your property needs to be able to handle the daily rigors and water supply quantities you require. This means you need enough water for simple areas like cooking and drinking, but also for plumbing areas as well.

In addition, water may need to run through a huge variety of home appliances, from washers and dishwashers to showers, bathtubs, hoses and many potential others depending on your home’s qualities. If you have any quantity issues that risk limited water supply to any of these areas, speak to our pros about how you might be able to mitigate this issue.

Seasonal Increases

Especially on certain property types, water usage can vary pretty widely between seasons. Generally speaking, water use is higher during summer periods – it’s used for everything from sprinkler systems to outdoor swimming pools, washing the car or a variety of other needs. Any farm or agricultural property will utilize even greater amounts of water during growing season. Ensure your supply is great enough to handle these swings between seasons.

Fire Protection

In most cases, fire departments in your area will have access to water supplies that are not considered drinkable and aren’t typically available to well systems. However, just to be safe, it’s best if your system has enough supply to be able to assist them in emergency situations.

Other Uses

Finally, there may be other rare uses for water systems on certain properties. These can include animal watering, water treatment or even crop irrigation. Ensuring your system has enough capacity to handle these needs is vital.

For more on the preparation areas that go into installing a new water well, or to learn about any of our well drilling or rehabilitation services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.

Planning Areas Before Installing a New Water Well, Part 1

When it comes to all your water well drilling, treatment and testing needs, the professionals at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC are here to help. We’ve assisted numerous Utahns with their water wells in a variety of ways, helping ensure individuals and their families are constantly provided with high quantities of clean, healthy water in their homes.

In addition to our specific installations and other day-of services provided, we’re also proud to work with you when it comes to a few very important planning areas. These are particularly necessary when installing a new well, as improper preparation might leave you with a well that does not function properly or doesn’t provide you with enough quality water. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over several important preparation areas that we’ll assist you with when it comes to digging and installing a new well on your property.

planning installing new water well

Permits and Forms

For starters, we have a great deal of experience dealing with local municipalities, the state and any various permits or local requirements that may be in play for your well drilling. Certain local governments require permit forms that you’ll have to fill out and have approved in advance of drilling – we know exactly which forms you need and how to fill them out properly.

In addition, our contractors are happy to provide any additional information that might be relevant in the city or local municipality where you’re looking to build your well. We’ll ensure you don’t run into any legal issues you were not expecting.

Inspection and Construction Process

For several reasons, having a professional inspection of your property done before you begin water well drilling is very important. A well construction process that isn’t properly laid out could lead to a low-quality well or water supply issues, the kind that could cost you major amounts to fix or even re-do.

Before drilling, our pros can look at both the above-ground and below-ground qualities of your property. We’ll assess the material beneath the ground and how successful your well will be, ensuring you have the proper conditions for a well to be installed.

Quality and Quantity of Available Water

In addition to checking for basic compatibility areas, we’ll also look at whether there will be enough high-quality water available given the location of your property. Sadly, there are certain properties that will only support a low-yield well, and others that will not support one at all due to geological conditions or seasonal concerns. There’s nothing worse than going through the process of installing a well only to find that there isn’t enough water in the area to supply your home.

For more on the preparation steps involved in installing a new water well, or to learn about any of our well drilling or rehabilitation services, speak to the staff at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC today.