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Warning Signs of a Water Well Leak

If you had a water well leak, would the issue be obvious? Or would the leaking go undetected until it’s too late to repair?

The answer depends upon how familiar you are with the warning signs. If you don’t know what to watch for, the evidence of a leak is easy to overlook. Regular professional inspections can ensure your well system stays in tip-top shape, but understanding how to spot the signs of a water well leak is essential to identifying issues early on.

water well leaking

Low Water Flow

If you notice a gradual decrease in your water flow rate, you may have a well leak. This isn’t always the problem – low flow can be the result of a clogged pipe, a buildup of sediment in the well system or an improperly-installed pump – but leaking could be to blame. In any case, a reduction in flow rate is definitely a warning sign of a water well problem.

Debris in the Water

When water is leaking out of a well, contaminants can make their way inside the system. So, if you suddenly see debris or dirt in your water supply, you probably have a well leak. Don’t simply switch out the filter – quick repair by a local professional contractor is a must to prevent the problem from getting worse.

More Frequent Water Filter Changes

How often are you changing your water filter? If you start needing replacements more frequently, your well system may be leaking. A well leak makes the filter work harder to remove incoming contaminants, wearing it down faster. Instead of pouring money into more and more filters, contact a local professional contractor and deal with the leak before the issue gets out of hand.

What Causes a Water Well to Spring a Leak?

Leaking can occur for a number of reasons. The culprit could be corrosion or a defective casing seam, for example, or a leak may be due to improper well system installation, outside pressure on the casing or even a lightning strike. Some of these situations are more easily avoidable than others, of course, but regular professional inspections and proper water well system maintenance can help prevent small leaks from becoming costly problems.

Now that you know the warning signs of a water well leak, take time to observe your well system’s performance. Does the flow rate seem to be normal? Is the water clear, without frequent filter changes? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to turn to a professional well contractor – like the Z-Team at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC.

With over 30 years of experience drilling, repairing and maintaining residential and commercial wells throughout Utah and Wyoming, Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC is dedicated to customer satisfaction and offers expert workmanship at an affordable price. If you think you have a water well leak, contact our Salt Lake City office and schedule a consultation with the Z-Team contractors today.

4 Ways to Ensure Well Water Quality

As the owner of a private well, water quality is your responsibility. The EPA only regulates public water systems, and no other government agency or program is going to step in and protect your drinking supply.

Fortunately, making sure you have safe, high-quality water circulating through your home isn’t all that difficult or expensive. Below are four easy, affordable ways to optimize your well water quality and safeguard your family’s health.

No. 1: Add a Filtration System

One step you can take to get rid of impurities in your well water is to add a filtration system. A filter blocks contaminants from entering the system, either through the use of a physical barrier or via a chemical process.

You can install filters at certain taps, the ones your family uses for drinking water. Or, if you prefer, you can add a whole house or point-of-entry filtration system to ensure that every tap offers a safe supply.

No. 2: Install a Softening System

To improve the quality of your well water, you can also install a softening system. Softeners remove calcium and magnesium, minerals that are common in groundwater, through an ion exchange process.

Adding a softening system to your private can eliminate hard water problems. Plus, a softener can provide your family with a better-tasting drinking supply.

No. 3: Regularly Test for Contaminants

Filtration systems and softeners can boost water quality, but they don’t prevent every possible pollutant from entering a private well. To make sure your drinking supply is completely safe, schedule regular testing with a local professional well services contractor.

Experts recommend testing at least once per year for coliform bacteria, nitrates, pH level and total dissolved solids. Other tests may also be necessary, depending upon the groundwater source.

No. 4: Schedule Routine Well Maintenance

As with any other important home mechanical system, routine maintenance is a must for a private well. Without regular attention, components are more likely to fail and compromise your water quality.

A professional well service contractor can inspect the pump, storage tank, plumbing lines and mechanical parts. By having every component checked on an annual or twice-yearly basis, your drinking supply will have a reduced risk of contamination.

Are you a private well owner? If you live in Utah or Wyoming and you’re concerned about well water quality, the licensed Z-Team contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC are here to help.

Whether you want to install a softener or filtration system, test your water for contaminants or schedule routine maintenance, you can count on the Z-Team for expert workmanship, stellar customer service and affordable pricing.

For more information on Mike Zimmerman Well Service, or to discuss well water quality with our highly-experienced contractors, contact our Salt Lake City office today.