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4 Factors that Affect Water Well Construction Costs

When it comes to water well construction, cost is a significant concern for homeowners – and rightly so.

However, without an in-person consultation at your property, a groundwater well service company can’t tell you how much you’ll need to budget for residential well construction. Several factors affect the overall project cost, and any estimate given before the soil conditions and groundwater supply have been assessed may not be accurate.

Water well construction costs

If you live in Utah or Wyoming, the professional Z-Team contractors can give you a free estimate. Here, we explain the factors that play a role in determining water well construction costs.

Water Well Depth

Depth plays a major role in determining the construction costs for a residential groundwater well, as well drilling contractors charge by the foot. Estimates are based on the average well depth in the region, which may range anywhere from 30 to 200 feet – whatever it takes to reach the aquifer and produce an adequate supply of water.

Well System Components

The components used in constructing a residential groundwater well also affect the total cost. Complete systems include casing material, a pressure tank, a pump, electrical connections, pipes and several other parts. Licensed contractors recommend choosing high-quality components designed to boost system efficiency and longevity.

State Regulations on Well Construction

To safeguard health and protect the groundwater supply, well system construction practices are regulated at the state level. Using certain materials may be prohibited, for example, and the legal code may impose restrictions on the placement of a new residential well – and specific state requirements can certainly affect the overall construction costs.

Additional Water Well Construction Costs

Permits, licenses and water quality testing also add to the costs of constructing a residential groundwater well. And, of course, labor charges are factored in – and these are determined, in part, by the soil conditions. For more challenging installations that require drilling through heavy clay, gravel-filled soil or layers of solid rock, labor comes at higher price.

Interested in finding out how much it will cost to drill a residential groundwater well on your Utah or Wyoming property? For a complimentary, no-pressure consultation and estimate, contact the professional Z-Team contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC.

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Tips to Protect Your Water Well System

Taking good care of your residential water well system is essential if you want to protect your investment and ensure that your family has a consistent supply of safe, high-quality drinking water.

Fortunately, a properly-constructed well system doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. To safeguard your water and your private well system investment, follow these simple steps.

Tips to Protect Your Water Well System

Keep a Well System File

Create a water well file, and keep all the construction, repair and maintenance information inside. That way, you’ll have easy access to the information whenever you need it.

Always Work with a Licensed Well Driller

To protect your residential water system investment, have all the work on it completed by a licensed well driller. This includes not only the installation but also any repairs, tests and maintenance tasks.

Schedule an Annual Well Inspection

Make sure your water retains its quality with an annual inspection that includes a water test for bacteria and contaminants. Test again anytime you notice a change in the appearance, taste or odor of the water flowing and also after the system is serviced.

Check the Well Cap Periodically

Your system’s well cap is there to protect your residential water system from becoming contaminated. Take a look at it regularly, checking for cracks, damage or evidence of tampering. If you find any problems with the cap, schedule service with a professional contractor as quickly as possible.

Take Care When Working Near the Well

A damaged water well casing could compromise the sanitation of your residential system. Be careful not to get too close with your lawnmower, and work on household projects in another area of the yard.

Store Hazardous Materials Far Away from Your Well

Hazardous chemicals, like pesticides, fertilizer, motor oil and paint, have no business anywhere near your residential well. Store potential contaminants in another location to keep your groundwater supply safe.

Maintain Your Home Septic System

If your septic system isn’t functioning as it should, you could wind up with contamination. Have yours inspected periodically and keep up with regular maintenance to prevent harmful wastewater bacteria, nitrates and viruses from becoming a problem for your residential well.

Are you thinking about investing in a residential water well system? Or do you need an annual inspection or repair work from a qualified local driller? For expert advice and assistance anywhere in Utah or Wyoming, call on the professional Z-Team contractors at Mike Zimmerman Well Service LLC.

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